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  Trauma   Healing
Whether it be:
Chronic pain
 Eating disorders   Weight management
Chronic fatigue
Chronic Pain
Intimacy or Relationship issues
Lack or
Financial Problems
Low self esteem
 If you continually sabotage yourself and your success, or are feeling stuck, and an unable to go beyond a certain point.

Any chronic condition, or negative pattern you have in your life  is beyond being just a physical problem; there is something stuck, looping in your central nervous system.

You have the answers - the 'keys', within you to discover, uncover, and heal the root cause(s) of the problem.

With NTHP, you will learn to create an inner compassionate connection. You can heal yourself and your past and move freely into living the life you were meant to live.

  Reclaim the keys to your life with NTHP!

**This process is only to be done with a trained NTHP facilitator until you become 'untangled' and gain 'traction'. Then you will safely and easily be able to take it over yourself. This time period is of course dependent on the person and the situation.

  The Neuro Trauma Healing Process

Trauma is the most misunderstood, misdiagnosed,        
            and ignored dis-ease there is today.

When we have a chronic condition it almost always stems from something unprocessed and stuck in our central nervous system. This unprocessed scenario keeps looping within our sub-conscious mind, re-creating and out-picturing itself as an actual experience in present time.

The subconscious is our most powerful creative faculty, so to try and change it simply from the intellect of our conscious mind will just create more frustration, disappointment, and a sense of hopelessness; as the same destructive pattern continues to rear it’s unwanted head in our lives.

Through the simple NTHP left / right brain re-cognizing, process, you can access the source of chronic conditions, negative patterns, or addictive behavior and interrupt them in a gentle, yet empowering way that will last forever.
Yes, forever.

This is not  a way to cope with, a technique to overcome, or break through the issue; nor is it a way to compensate for it. It's a way to align with, realize what it is, and have it / you come to full resolution, or healing - together.

This is the bridge that will reconnect you with your personal power - your authentic self. You can go from restriction to freedom; from negativity to opportunity, and from victim to victor. You can reclaim and have your power back now.


I believe that NTHP is a very beneficial tool to use in the process of guiding clients to a place of personal awareness and connectedness. I highly recommend this mode of therapy to others in the field, and believe it should be a recognized modality of treatment.

Donna Janke, RPC
NTHP client

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